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Who We Are

JeViVo (Jenga Village Volunteers) is a registered non-governmental, community-based organization focusing on developing the livelihoods and state of the people living in Shikumu area in Kakamega County in Western Kenya.

Its main aim is to uplift communities through development programs, combating poverty and illiteracy among the youth in villages affected by disadvantages stemming from their economic, social, and cultural backgrounds.

We believe the communities we belong to play an important part in our well-being. It is the source and root of many creative ideas, solutions, wealth, and power, as well as the problems that arise often because of inequality in people’s environment, resources, and opportunities.

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

Jevivo locates and funds impactful grassroots initiatives, ensuring essential financial support for projects with the potential to make a positive difference.


— We Build Networks

We actively connect like-minded individuals and organizations, fostering collaborative networks to amplify collective impact and create a web of support that extends beyond individual efforts.


— We Strengthen

Jevivo empowers communities through tailored programs and strategic partnerships, enhancing resilience and self-sufficiency for long-term positive change.


— We Educate

Education is central to our mission. Jevivo provides access to quality education, breaking down barriers and promoting knowledge as a catalyst for sustainable development.


— We Provide Care

Jevivo extends support during times of crisis, offering healthcare access, emergency relief, and emotional support for comprehensive care addressing holistic well-being.


— We Consult

Jevivo serves as a valuable resource for sustainable development, offering consultation services to guide organizations and individuals in community-driven initiatives for meaningful and lasting impact.


Community Development Projects

JeViVo supports Community Development Projects that empower the community shaping brighter futures and fostering resilience. 


Embark on a volunteering journey with JeViVo that not only transforms communities but also shapes your narrative of impact.

Impact Stories

Jana, from Switzerland Volunteering at a Day Care Center.

“Volunteering at the daycare center in Kenya was an incredibly rewarding experience. The warmth and enthusiasm of the children made every moment special. The dedicated staff and the vibrant community created an unforgettable environment, and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their growth and well-being. This experience has left a lasting impact on me, and I highly recommend others to embark on this meaningful journey.”

Charles, a local small scale farmer

“Participating in the model farm training in Kenya was a game-changer for me as a farmer. The hands-on experience and innovative techniques I learned significantly improved my crop yields and sustainable farming practices. I am not able to plant better crops, get a better yield for subsistence use as well as sell the surplus at the local market.”



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